Activities - Mudra Foundation

Collaboration with artists through social activities-MUDRA foundation organises various workshops and events for the socially weak communities through dance, music, photography, craft art, painting,featuring artists from India and abroad.


‘Dhokra- LOST into ART’ has been selected by a film critic Ms Aruna Vasudev to be showcased during 13th Film Festival on Art & Artists(7-9th Feb, 2020), JDCA.


– Grassic Designs, golden grass products are now being sold at gallery OED, OED elements, Cochin, Kerala.

exquis_gd instagram is launched to showcase Grassic Designs products.

– Artistans of Grassic Designs showcased their products and modelled for the “Border Line” performance during Odisha Biennale 2019

– Organised the 4th edition of Odisha Biennale.


BUNKA – MUDRA foundation has supported 20 sarees to BUNKA FASHION COLLEGE in Tokyo. The students will showcase their created clothes through their annual fashion show in November 2018.

– Grassic Designs, Golden grass workshop at Jajpur with support by JSL (Jindal Stainless Limited)

– 3 days Stitching workshop by Ichiko Funai at ASMITA, Jajpur road

– Talk show at Owl Spot in Tokyo, navigated by a dance critic, Mr. Tatsuro Ishii on “What happened to the Contemporary dance scene in Japan?”

– Organized talk show by Mr. Tatsuro Ishii on “What happened to the Contemporary dance scene in Japan?” at MUDRA foundation

Conference on “When India meets Japan: what next for arts, design, technology and tourism?” with Global Digital MOJO in KYOTO, JAPAN.

– Talk show on DHOKRA on 7th Feb – 13th Feb 2018 at ISETAN Shinjuku, TOKYO, JAPAN

Exhibition of Dhokra products and LOST into ART: DHOKRA, a photo documentation book on “Dhokra” of South Odisha at ISETAN, Shinjuku, TOKYO, JAPAN

ODISHA Handicraft meets Design PREVIEW at OUR FAVOURITE SHOP on WED 28th, Nov, 2018


– Exhibition of Dhokra products and LOST into ART: DHOKRA, a photo documentation book on “Dhokra” of South Odisha at ODISHA BIENNALE 2017.

– Grassic Designs, Golden grass project at Jajpur with support by JSL (Jindal Stainless Limited)

– Organized ODISHA BIENNALE 2017, an international bi-annual art festival

– 2 days Yoga camp at MUDRA foundation in collaboration with ICCR (Indian Council for Cultural Relations)


– TEDx talk by Masako Ono, managing trustee of MUDRA foundation about her journey.

– LOST into ART: DHOKRA, a photo documentation book on “Dhokra” of South Odisha published with the support of TATA Trusts, Canon India and Odisha Tourism.

Art creation by an Odissi dancer Masako Ono in Odisha, India on 30th, Sep at Noguchi Room, KEIO University Mita Campus (keio)

MUDRA foundation along with the brand ambassador Masako Ono who has been living in Odisha represented Odisha Tourism in Japan at this JATA TOURISM EXPO 2016.


– Wood Vibes (from Switzerland) to share musical rhythm with the kids in Odisha, supported by TOSHIBA India during ODISHA BIENNALE 2015

– Collage Making Workshop with Waste Material by Nanako Koyama at Deaf & Mute School in Pallashpalli, BBSR

– Organized ODISHA BIENNALE 2015, an international bi-annual art festival


– Supporting Upcoming Artists for PRESS CLUB Inauguration


– Inviting Students Including Socially Weak Children for ODISHA BIENNALE 2013 to Experience Surya Museum Which Runs by Solar Panels at Night, with Craft Workshop at XIMB

– Organized ODISHA BIENNALE 2013, an international bi-annual art festival

– Filigree Research by Saki Ueda, Kyoto University

– Donating toys and T-shirts to Sri Nrusingha Dev Anchalika Yuba Parisada (SNDAYP), Puri, Odisha
INDIA expo @ Keio University HIYOSHI campus on 6th to 8th February, 2014


– Donating Blankets to the Mother Teresa Orphanage supported by Panasonic

– Craft Workshop at KISS by Nanako Koyama

– Organizing the ART connection, pre year event for the ODISHA BIENNALE

– Dance workshop at Nursery School for the DEAF by Mandy Irvine from USA


– RESCUE JAPAN – MOPA dance students initiated making MUDRA foundation T-shirts for fundraising for the earthquake off the Pacific coast of Tōhoku, Japan. Sold more than 1000 T-shirts, donated INR 72,000 through Red Cross JAPAN


– Clothes Donation for PECUC Child Labor School with Hong Kong mamas with love & Rotary Club of Bhubaneswar Heritage

– Craft & Camera Workshop at JEEVAN JYOTI ASHRAM by Nanako Koyama and Takayasu Hattori

Exhibition “Odisha,Odissi-Dance and Living of East India” at Lifestyle Design Center ,Setagaya Arts Center, Tokoyo, Japan.


– MUDRA foundation got established with the aim to share art and creativity among all the sections of the society.