Ichiko Funai – Mudra Foundation

``fifi`` antenna project in odisha``

30th September -28th October 2017
Supported by KIIT students

Theme : Respect for Gods of Odisha
The three deities of Odisha represent the entire humanity with equality. Jagannath black in colour represents the black race, Balabhadra white in colour represents the white race and Subhadra, yellow in colour represents the yellow race.

Investigate the endemic folkways of Odisha, respect the guardian deity of Odisha.

Complete the costume design using materials and cultures discovered during my stay.

Costume 1: (Respect Balabhadra) Collaboration with Odisha’s traditional craft art, golden grass artisans.

Costume 2: (Respect Subhadrā) Getting inspired from the temples around, used the material used for the costume of Odissi dance, such as ikat, solo flower, etc.

Costume 3: (Respect Jagannāth) Collage contemporary life style and embed it in costumes by using daily necessities with a bit of imagination from tribal patterns.

Ichiko Funai

Born in Osaka, Japan (1990). Graduate from Tama Art University. Launched the fashion art project, fifi (2011). fifi presented the performing arts at several art festivals based in Tokyo. Moved in Paris, France (2015). She belongs to the artist’s studios, 59Rivoli, in the heart of Paris. In the autumn of the same year, she holds the fashion show which uses rue de Rivoli as the runway. This act was covered by several medias.
Selection for Taro Okamoto Award 2018.