Nanako Koyama - Mudra Foundation

Collage Workshop

Oct 2012
At deaf and mute school

On 11th October 2015, during Odisha Biennale 2015, organising a craft workshop at the deaf and dumb school in Palashpalli, by an art curator from Japan, Miss Nanako Koyama. The workshop instantly picked up from the moment it started when Miss Koyama asked them to create a collage using pictures and text from magazines and newspapers on top of traditional leaf plates of Odisha. Throughout the workshop we could see how the kids not only enjoyed but also showed their creative skills.

Craft Workshop

Oct 2012

Mudra Foundation conducted craft art workshop and digital camera workshop, donated 24 travel trolleys to the KISS students with the support of Fuji Electronics, India. Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences (KISS), the largest tribal residential institution in the world. It is home to over 20,000 tribal students from 64 tribes living in Eastern and North-Eastern parts of India that not only provide them accommodation, food, and free education from kindergarten to post graduation but also provide them 24/7 health care in the in-house hospital and many vocational trainings to empower them as able citizens of this nation ensuring their successful future.

Craft Workshop

April 2010
at Jeevan Jyoti Ashram

Mudra Foundation with international artists (Takayasu Hattori / Nanako Koyama) from Japan gave craft art workshop (out of garbage) and digital camera workshop, exhibited the art crafts which the children at the ashram made in Tokyo Japan, and donated photographs clicked by the children enlarged and framed by CANON INDIA to the ashram.

Nanako Koyama

Nanako Koyama is working on the fields of design, art, and music. She starts her first carrier as a graphic designer, then she established Lucy+K, Inc and started the variety-goods shop and gallery ”gg” in Tokyo 2006. Recently, she also produces art exhibitions, advertisements, workshops and lectures.
She cherishes the connection between nature and the people, to make a better future of the world.