Tsuyoshi Hirano - Mudra Foundation

Collaboration of the Tala Pattachitra

26th Oct – 1st Nov. 2015
At Odisha, Raghurajpur in Puri

Tsuyoshi Hirano, a painter from Japan stayed in Odisha for a month as an artist-in-residence during Odisha Biennale 2015, worked on his painting at the heritage village in Odisha, Raghurajpur in Puri, incorporating the Tala Pattachitra technique on palm leaf into his paiting.

Tsuyoshi Hirano

Tsuyoshi Hirano is a Japanese painter and designer. He describes his design and aesthetic as ‘the individual and the universe’. He has collaborated with numerous noteworthy brands and media outlets of the world such as Cartier, CÉLINE, LANCOME, SHISEIDO, BADOIT, ISSEY MIYAKE, ELEONORA ROMA, Le Monde, FIGARO, VOGUE and so on. Currently Hirano is in Tokyo and Paris.